2017 Update Changes: v8.01

Posted by Michael Cohan on

There is a new 2017 version posted on the Download Latest Version page.  It is numbered as Version 8.01.  There is a change to the way that the new low income calculation on (Missouri mode) Line 5 is calculated. I have been having some discussions with Judge Dennis Smith of St. Louis County Circuit Court, and we both think we did not interpret the new Line 5 directions correctly initially. Therefore, both The Form 14 Assistant and Judge Smith's PDF Form 14 have been changed to a new calculation method that we think is the correct interpretation of the new directions. The Supreme Court will soon be releasing another change to the 2017 Form 14 directions which will clarify the situation once and for all, so there will be another update as soon as that change is released. Until then, be cautious about using Line 5 in the low income scenario.

Please download and install the latest revision. You may need to uninstall Version 8.00 first if it is already installed. From Version 8.01 on, the program now shows the version number in very small type in the upper left corner of the first Form 14 Window, to facilitate identifying which version of the software you are running. (This feature is also added to the Kansas mode). As always, you can still check the version number by using "About The Form 14 Assistant...." (or "About The Kansas Support Assistant..." in Kansas mode) from the Help menu in the Case Information Window.