Why Choose Child Support Assistant and Form 14 Assistant Mobile?

Unbelievable Features You Won't Get In Other Missouri Or Kansas Software Products

We get asked frequently, particularly by Missouri attorneys: why should I license your software when I can create a Form 14 by hand, or with a free Form 14 PDF generator? (If you practice in Kansas, well, we don't even want to think about doing the Kansas Child Support Worksheet by hand on a regular basis). And sure, you can create one simple Missouri Form 14 at a time, by hand if you're willing to trust your math, or with a "free" Form 14 generator if you're willing to trust that you didn't miss one of the numerous caveats that those "free" child support form generators don't bother to check. After all, it's not so free when your form is wrong.

For real cases, you need more. A lot more. Whether you practice in Missouri, Kansas, or both, you need to create multiple child support worksheets, quickly, for all the different scenarios. Who gets custody? What, exactly is their income? What about split custody (MO) or divided residency (KS)? How about the difference when day care expenses change, or aren't put on the chart?  Once you start working on real cases, the "free" child support calculators just won't do. You need software designed to handle all the different possibilities, quickly and easily.

The Child Support Assistant for Windows (for Missouri and Kansas) and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile deliver. Edit up to eight Child Support worksheets simultaneously per case in independent windows. Just one mouse click (or tap of the screen) duplicates your current worksheet into a new window, with all your data intact, so you can make one change or a dozen, then compare the results to your original worksheet. Split Custody/Divided Residency is a click or a tap away. Swap the custodial parents with one click or tap. View line-by-line directions, straight from the Rules, as you work. The Child Support Assistant for Windows and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile let you see all the possibilities at once, so you can focus on your client, not your software.

Both Windows and Mobile versions available

The Child Support Assistant for Windows (for Missouri and Kansas, each state licensed separately) runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10. The Form 14 Assistant Mobile (for Missouri) runs on virtually all Apple and Android mobile devices. Whether you're at your desk or on the go, fast, accurate child support calculation is at your fingertips.

Easy To Use

The Child Support Assistant for Windows and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile take full advantage of the features of both desktop and mobile devices, respectively, so they're easy to learn and use. Everything is done directly on worksheets that look just like the one from the Kansas or Missouri Supreme Courts. We provide free technical support but we bet you'll never need it! 

Does The Work For You

The Child Support Assistant makes complex calculations easy. For Missouri practitioners, The Child Support Assistant for Windows and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile calculate everything including the child care tax credit, monthly support obligation for other children, split custody, and the visitation credit.  Plus, the Windows version also does child support and maintenance arrearage interest affidavits. In Kansas mode, The Child Support Assistant automates complicated calculations like the Interstate Pay Differential, Multiple Family Adjustment, Parenting Time Adjustment, Shared Expense Formula, Equal Parenting Time Formula, and Income Tax Considerations. Built-in safeguards ensure that you're in compliance with the rules. And when you're done, print a perfect, ready-to-file worksheet on your printer or to a PDF file.

Developed By A Missouri Attorney Who Understands How Family Law Is Practiced

The Child Support Assistant and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile were both designed and programmed by a practicing family law attorney with over 18 years experience who also happens to have a degree in Computer and Information Science. And you know what? It matters. Good software isn't just features, it's design (ask Apple!)  If you're currently using other software, do yourself a favor and get a free trial copy of The Child Support Assistant or The Form 14 Assistant Mobile and compare. We think you'll see the difference.

Free Trial

Check out the links on this page for more information about The Child Support Assistant and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile. And be sure to request a free trial license so you can try it out at no charge. If you send us an e-mail  we'll give you a free 30 day license for either Missouri mode or Kansas mode for the Windows version (or both if you want) as well as the Missouri mobile version, so you can see why The Child Support Assistant and The Form 14 Assistant Mobile are second to none!