Installing the Form 14 Assistant Mobile


The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2021 is a type of app called a "hybrid app." What's that?  For our purposes, that means you install The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2021 by downloading and installing it through your mobile web browser rather than via an app store like Google Play or the Apple App Store. However, once The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2021 is fully installed, it will launch from your homescreen and run locally and without an Internet connection, just like any other app. When your mobile device is connected to the Internet, the app will automatically download updates when available.

To install, follow these steps:

1. Point your mobile web browser (preferably Chrome on Android mobile devices, or Safari on Apple iPhone or iPad devices) to the following location:

(Note: It is easy to load the page you are presently reading on your mobile device and just tap the above link, rather than manually entering the link on your mobile web browser.)

2. When you load the app for the first time in your mobile web browser, it will prompt you to install a homescreen icon. At this time, you should do exactly that: install a homescreen icon and from then on, only launch the app from your phone's homescreen, as the app is designed to run in full screen mode only and not from inside a browser window.

3. To install a homescreen icon, the procedure differs between Android and Apple. For Android devices, drop down the Chrome menu (tap the upper right corner of the screen to do so) and then choose "Add to Home screen" from that menu. A Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2021 icon will appear on your homescreen.  For Apple devices, from inside Safari click the icon near the bottom of the browser screen that  looks like a book with an up-arrow.

4. After installing the homescreen icon, you should close the browser tab containing The Form 14 Assistant Mobile. You may now begin working with the App by launching it from your mobile device's homescreen using the icon you just installed.

All the changes contained in the 2021 Form 14 are supported, including the new chart, directions and comments, changes to Line 11, and the new low income caveat on Line 5.

The new version also has a demo mode, so you can go ahead and try it out even without a license key. If you'd like a 30 day free trial license, click here.