Tour the program: MO Mobile Version

The Form 14 Assistant Mobile brings the power of the number one Missouri child support calculation software to the palm of your hand. Create your Form 14s on virtually any Apple or Android mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android smartphones, and Android tablets. And this isn't some simplistic website that lets you calculate one simple Form 14 at a time, crashes halfway through, and eats all your data when you reload the page. This is The Form 14 Assistant. So, just like the Windows version, you can:

  • Edit up to eight Form 14s at once for a given case. Now you can see all the possibilities without having to reenter your data over and over again.
  • Duplicate any Form 14 into a copy with one tap, leaving your original Form 14 intact. Make one change or a dozen, then compare to your original. Then do it again, up to eight Forms.
  • Instantly swap the custodial parent on any Form 14 with one tap.
  • Create instant split custody arrangements with just a few taps. Each of your eight Form 14s is actually two Form 14s in one, one for each parent. You never have to enter your data multiple times with The Form 14 Assistant Mobile.
  • View the complete Directions and Comments, line by line, as you edit you Form 14.
  • Properly calculate the Line 6a childcare tax credit by entering the childcare costs individually for each child. If you don't think that's a problem with those web calculators, consider what happens when there's two children, but only one is incurring childcare expenses. The web calculators will calculate the tax credit for two children, when it should be one. The Form 14 Assistant Mobile gets it right!
  • Have the caveats and charts automatically tested as you enter your data, with appropriate warnings to prevent you from violating the Directions. You can always override.
  • Properly use the Line 11 Custody Credit, with optional values up to 50%, and instant calculation of the new (and mandatory) Line 11 chart that calculates the credit based on the number of overnights.
  • Enter data on Line 1 (Income) for up to three jobs, with automatic conversion for the various pay periods, including hourly. Now you don't have to take out a calculator to figure out the Line 1 value. And with up to eight Form 14s available to you, it's easy to create multiple Form 14s with different income values and different custody arrangements, all without reentering your data. Try that with a web calculator!
  • Similar user interface as the Windows version of The Form 14 Assistant, but enhanced for Mobile. If you're familiar with the Windows version, you'll feel right at home. Even if you've never used the Windows version, it's so easy you'll be creating Form 14s in no time!

The Form 14 Assistant Mobile: Form 14 Screen. Just tap to activate. With Clone Form 14 and New Form 14, you can create up to eight Form 14s at a time to see all the possibilities with just a few taps.

Line 1 Input Screen. Enter income for up to three jobs, calculated by pay period, plus other income. No more using a calculator to figure out the correct value!

Line 2c. Just a few taps to get the proper value. No more looking it up in the chart while the Judge waits.

Childcare Expenses. Individual values for each child means a proper tax credit calculation. Convert from weekly to monthly values with one tap.

Split custody. Just tap to assign each child to a parent, and when you return to your Form 14, you'll instantly have a Form 14 for each parent showing the children in their respective custody. No more reentering data over and over!