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 Features and Benefits of The Child Support Assistant

Missouri Mode: The Form 14 Assistant
AND Licensed Separately: The Form 14 Assistant Mobile
  • Windows and Mobile versions take full advantage of their respective platforms - easy to learn and use
  • Mobile version runs on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones 
  • Desktop version works with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7
  • Enter your data into a Form 14 that looks just like the one in the Supreme Court Rules
  • Edit up to eight Form 14s simultaneously - great for "What-if" calculations! Also excellent for use during initial client meetings - show your client all the different possible child support scenarios in seconds. And with the Mobile version, you'll always have The Form 14 Assistant with you, so you can show the Judge all the possible Form 14s in seconds.
  • View line-by-line Directions and Comments, straight from the Supreme Court Rules, as you edit your Form 14s
  • One mouse click or tap of the screen swaps the custodial parent, so you can instantly see your Form 14 from the perspective of either parent receiving custody
  • Create split custody arrangements with just a few mouse clicks or taps, and no re-entering data
  • One mouse click or tap instantly emancipates the oldest child, removing them from the Form 14
  • Built-in safeguards ensure you stay in compliance with the Form 14 Directions and Comments
  • Easy data entry, with input customized for each line of the Form 14 
  • Also calculates child support and maintenance arrearage interest affidavits (see below for more info)
Key Features
  • Windows version provides both the new Form 14 promulgated by the MO Supreme Court in 2021 and mandatory for use after November 4, 2021, and the prior 2017 Form 14. Mobile version provides the complete November 2021 Form 14.
  • Available Funds Analysis for each Form 14 Window lets you instantly see the percentage of net income available to each party after payment of taxes and payment or receipt of child support and maintenance - great for figuring out an appropriate amount of maintenance! (Windows only)
  • Print a perfect Form 14 ready to file with the Court
  • Save your Form 14s to PDF files (Mobile version supports PDF on Apple and some Android devices)
And that's not all!
  • The Form 14 Assistant for Windows also creates Support Arrearage Interest Affidavits!
  • Enter your data into a clear and easy to use window - one tab for 'Payments made' and one tab for 'Payments due' - and your arrearage affidavit is automatically calculated
  • Prints a complete arrearage interest affidavit, ready to be signed, notarized, and filed with the Court 
  • If you want your client to collect interest on back support and maintenance, you must file the arrearage interest affidavit.  The Form 14 Assistant for Windows makes it easy!
Download a Free Trial Copy of the Windows version today and see what you've been missing! Or install a free trial of the mobile version right now by clicking here on your mobile web browser (Apple or Android).