*IMPORTANT* June 30th, 2017 Missouri Form 14 Assistant Update NOW AVAILABLE!

Posted by Michael Cohan on

It's finally happened - the Missouri Supreme Court has corrected Line 5 in a way that is comprehensible.  The Child Support Assistant 2017 has been updated accordingly. The new version number is 8.11.  This version completely implements the June 30, 2017 Form 14 update.

**IMPORTANT **   You MUST update your Child Support Assistant installation to be sure your Form 14s are being correctly calculated with regard to the Line 5 caveat!  Do not continue to use Version 8.01 (the January 28th, 2017 version) or earlier versions. You should be using 8.11.

Click here to go to the download page where you can download the latest updated version.

Please note that the difference between the current v8.11 and the prior v8.10 that was posted a few days prior to the release of v8.11 is that v8.11 lets you choose how to apply the Line 11 custody credit to the Line 5 amount in the event the low income adjustment is being used. There is still some ambiguity in the Line 5 directions which the Supreme Court will have to clarify, and in the meantime I have had requests to do the calculation in two different ways, so v8.11 adds that capability.The choice is made in the Line 11 input box. The default choice is to use the same method used in v8.10, which is to apply the Line 11 percent to the chart amount from the parties' combined incomes. The alternative calculation is to apply the Line 11 percent to the chart amount from the payor's income only.