NEW Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 now available!

Posted by Michael Cohan on

The all-new Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 is now available!  The app will work on virtually all iOS and Android devices of all sizes and types, including iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones.  With the Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018, you can take the power of The Form 14 Assistant with you wherever you go. 

The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 is not just a simple Form 14 calculator.  If you're used to the Windows version you'll feel right at home, because the Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 supports many of the great features of the Form 14 Assistant for Windows, including being able to edit up to 8 Form 14s at the same time for those "what if" calculations, swap the custodial parents with one tap, enter data for up to three jobs per parent, create instant split custody arrangements, and read the directions and comments line by line. And, all the changes contained in the latest Form 14 from the Missouri Supreme Court are supported, including the new chart, directions and comments, changes to Line 11, and the new low income caveat on Line 5. 

The new 2018 version has a demo mode, so you can go ahead and try it free even without a license key.  Try it today by following the following instructions.

The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 is called, in computer-speak, a "hybrid app." In short, that means you install it from your web browser rather than from an app store, but once it's installed, your mobile device does not need to be connected to the Internet for the Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 to work.  You can install the app on your mobile device by simply pointing your mobile web browser to the following location:

When you run the app on your mobile web browser, the app will prompt you to install a homescreen icon (on iOS, click the icon shown in the prompt; on Android, choose "Add to Home Screen" from the Chrome menu accessed from the upper right of the browser). You should install a homescreen icon and thereafter only launch the app from the homescreen, as it is designed to run in full screen mode only rather than inside a browser.

To order Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2018 license keys, click here.