The Kansas Support Assistant 2018 RENEWAL ADDITIONAL USER 1 Year License

$ 125.00

IMPORTANT: This license is only available to previously licensed users! Order ONE "Renewal First User 1 Year License."  Then purchase as many "Renewal Additional User 1 Year Licenses" as you have additional Kansas Support Assistant users in your law firm.

Every Kansas domestic relations attorney knows that multiple Child Support Worksheets are required for most cases, but until now, drafting even one accurate Child Support Worksheet was a time-consuming, tedious, error-prone task. Not any more! THE KANSAS CHILD SUPPORT ASSISTANT is the most sophisticated, easiest to use software available for drafting Kansas Child Support Worksheets. It automates the process and makes it fast and easy. With THE KANSAS CHILD SUPPORT ASSISTANT and your PC running Windows (any version), you can quickly create and edit up to eight Worksheets simultaneously for each case, do "what-if" calculations, create divided custody arrangements with just a few mouse clicks, swap the residential parents with one click, read line by line directions straight from the latest Administrative Order, and print a perfect Child Support Worksheet, ready to file with the court. Complex calculations like the Interstate Pay Differential, Multiple Family Adjustment, Parenting Time Adjustment, Shared Expense Formula, Equal Parenting Time Formula, and Income Tax Considerations are all automatically calculated for you with a click of the mouse. And built-in safeguards keep you in compliance with the rules. Version 2017 for Windows implements the most current version of the Child Support Worksheet mandatory for use effective January 1, 2016 per Administrative Order 287. ORDER TODAY and keep your Child Support Worksheet drafting up to date!