The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2023 Add'l User License - 1 yr

$ 70.00

NOTE: For your first Form 14 Assistant Mobile license, you must purchase "The Form 14 Assistant Mobile 2023 First User License."  Then, purchase as many of these "Additional User License"(s) as you have mobile users in your law firm.

The number one Missouri child support calculation software goes mobile! The Form 14 Assistant Mobile brings the power of The Form 14 Assistant to your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android phone. Now you can have the fantastic capabilities of The Form 14 Assistant wherever you go, on virtually any device. And it's not just a simple Form 14 calculator such as you can find on the Web. The Form 14 Assistant Mobile truly brings the power of the Windows version into your hands, with the ability to edit up to eight Form 14s simultaneously for a given case, duplicate the current form with one tap, create instant split custody arrangements, swap the custodial parent with one tap, view line by line directions as you work, and more. If you've ever wished for The Form 14 Assistant on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, your wish is granted with The Form 14 Assistant Mobile!