The Form 14 Assistant 2023 RENEWAL - FIRST USER 1 Year License

$ 150.00

IMPORTANT: This license may only be purchased by previously licensed users. Purchase ONE of this license, then add as many "Additional User Renewal 1 Year Licenses" as you need.

Every Missouri domestic relations attorney knows that multiple Form 14s are required for most cases, but until now drafting an accurate Form 14 was a time-consuming and tedious task. Not any more! THE FORM 14 ASSISTANT automates this task for you and makes it fast and easy. With THE FORM 14 ASSISTANT and your PC running Windows (7 or later), you can quickly create multiple Form 14s for each case, do "what-if" calculations, create split custody arrangements with just a few mouse clicks, read line by line directions straight from the Rules, and print a perfect Form 14, ready to file with the court. Version 2023 for Windows implements the most current version of the Form 14 mandatory for use after April 5, 2022. PLUS, THE FORM 14 ASSISTANT for Windows also automates the creation of support arrearage interest calculations. Just enter the amounts due and payments made, and THE FORM 14 ASSISTANT not only calculates the interest for you, but prints a complete affidavit on your printer, ready to sign, notarize, and file with the court! What could be easier? The Form 14 Assistant Version 2023 is completely up to date with the current form, chart, and directions. The Available Funds Analysis calculates taxes for both parties and figure out the amount of net funds available to each party after child support and maintenance are paid. Don't guess at how much maintenance is reasonable, KNOW how much maintenance is reasonable! Also print your Form 14s to PDF files that you can e-mail to anybody, whether or not they also use The Form 14 Assistant. ORDER TODAY and keep your Form 14 drafting up to date!