Missouri Supreme Court updates Form 14! (edited on 11/30/16)

Posted by Michael Cohan on

NOTE: Some portions of this blog entry are outdated. Please click here for updated information regarding the 2017 Form 14 update. (7/13/17)

On November 16, 2016, the Missouri Supreme Court entered its Order updating the Form 14. Click here to view the Order.  http://www.courts.mo.gov/sup/index.nsf/d45a7635d4bfdb8f8625662000632638/4c215c6bcd4ecb0a8625806e006c9169?OpenDocument

We are hard at work on providing you with an update to The Form 14 Assistant as soon as possible. In fact, the update is finished, but we are awaiting a clarification from the Missouri Supreme Court on the proper interpretation of the new Line 5 directions. As soon as we receive it, the new 2017 version will be made available for download. As always, an accurate Form 14 calculation is the primary goal.

The new Form 14 is mandatory for use as of July 1, 2017, but may be used prior to that date. As a result, the update will give you the option of using either the 2014 Form 14 or the 2017 Form 14. (The ability to use the much older 2011 version of the Form 14 will be removed.) When the new version is ready, it will be made available on the "Download Latest Version" page on this website. Keep an eye on the site for availability. There will be a "News Flash" bar at the top of the home page which will announce availability.

There will be no additional license fee for the update. As always, all updates will work with your current license.

The major version update described in our previous blog entry, which adds judgments and parenting plans, is still coming soon and being developed; however, those features will not be ready for the update that is coming in a few days. So even after you update to the 2017 version, keep watching our website for further announcements. We promise you will LOVE the new parenting plan feature!